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NAACP Addresses Kidney Care Through Baxter Partnership

Avinash Rachmale

Since 1994, Avinash Rachmale has served as the president and CEO of Lakeshore Engineering in Detroit. Dedicated to giving back to the community, Avinash Rachmale provides support to several organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Recently, the NAACP announced a partnership with Baxter International Inc. that would create various town hall events in local communities around the country. These events, which took place in early 2017, were designed to teach members of the African American community about kidney disease and treatment options. Rates of chronic kidney disease, as well as end-stage renal disease, continue to climb among African Americans.

The town hall meetings included community leaders, health advocates, and medical experts talking about the different dialysis modalities and the options available to people facing kidney issues. The program had a particular emphasis on promoting home dialysis options, since research has shown that at-home options can significantly improve quality of life, yet rates of home dialysis among African Americans is very low.

In addition, the program sought to increase awareness about preventing renal disease. Ensuring access to the best treatment modalities is important, but decreasing the overall rates of disease through better prevention efforts is even more critical for the future of the African American community.


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