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Merger Brings Growth to Two Construction Companies

Avinash Rachmale

Publication Task - Sky Publishers

President and CEO Avinash Rachmale leads Lakeshore TolTest Corporation, a recently merged construction company in Detroit. Lakeshore and TolTest have partnered on individual projects, according to Avinash Rachmale, and both had extensive experience in the industry prior to the merger.

The result is an entity whose core values can be captured in the abbreviation “CPRR” - C for client satisfaction, P for positive attitude, R for responsibility, and R for respect. These concepts demonstrate an innovative approach to managing employees. Teams are assembled carefully, with an eye toward having members that work together well.

These groups are not afraid to try a risky solution that a larger company might not attempt. For instance, Lakeshore TolTest constructed a long runway for a British military facility in Afghanistan. Other companies, said Mr. Rachmale, might have preferred not to take a chance, but the project turned out successfully.

He foresaw growth opportunities for the combined firm, with many projects in the works. Mr. Rachmale anticipated expansion of 20-25 percent over the next few years, fueled by federal government contracts.


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