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Four Tips for Improving Your Golf Chipping Game

Avinash Rachmale

Overseeing Lakeshore Engineering Services as president and CEO, Avinash Rachmale has built the company into one of the best-respected engineering firms in Detroit. When away from his work, Avinash Rachmale is a keen golfer and member of the Forest Lake Country Club in Michigan.

Chipping is one of the most difficult skills to learn in golf, and mastering it can lead to better green positioning and lower scores. Here are some chipping tips.

1. To position yourself for a chip, imagine a vertical line from the center of your chest to the ground, and align the ball with this center line to ensure better contact.

2. Hinge your leading wrist on the upswing to generate a little more power on the club’s descent.

3. Strike down on the ball to generate upward momentum. Your club should not make contact with the ground before the ball is airborne, as this indicates the ball was too far forward in the stroke.

4. Prioritize getting on the green above everything else, as going all in with the aim of hitting the perfect shot can backfire. Consider your score, how much risk you can take, and the ball’s current position in all chip shots.


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